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Answer questions 1 and 2 and

1. Scan the following passages and comment on their prosodic features:

a) Was this the face that launched a thousand ships

And burnt the topless tower of Ilium?

b) Much have I traveled in the realms of gold,

And many goodly states and kingdoms seen;

Round many western islands have I been

which bards in fealty to Apollo hold.

C) Tel me not in mournful numbers

life is but an empty dream;

For the soul is dead that slumbers,

And things are not what they seem.

d) One more unfortunate

Wearing of breath

Rashly importunate

Gone to her death

2. Explain with reference to their contexts, the following four passages and supply

brief critical comments where necessary:

a. Yet once more, 0 ye laurels, and once more

re myrtles brown, with ivy never sere ,

I come to pluck your berries harsh and crude,

And with forced finger rude

shatter your leaves before the mellowing year.

b. Ev'n mighly Pam, that kings and queens o'er threw

And mow'd down armies in the fights of Lu,

Sad chance of war! now destitute of aid,

falls undistinguish by the victor Spade!

c. Fear death?- to feel the fog in the throat,

The mist in my face,

When the snows begin, and the blasts denote

I am nearing the place.

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