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1. Discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management.

2. The models of Strategic Human Resource Management are either prescriptive or descriptive. Discuss.

3. Define Job Design and throw light on the meaning and significance of Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment.

4. Describe the different methods of ascertaining merit.

5. Write a note on Management by objectives.

6. Discuss the concept of learning and development and bring out the elements in the process of learning.

7. Define quality and explain the framework of implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) in the context of India.

8. 'Employees' Health Problems are varied and inevitable'. Discuss with emphasis on health promotion.

9. Discuss the objectives of workers' Participation in Management and refer to Institutional arrangements for workers' participation in management in India.

10. Write a note on Conflict Resolution

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