Programme Code : BCA
Course Code : BCSL-022
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Year : 2012 Views: 1768 Submitted By : SAJILAL On 14th November, 2012

Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


Question 1:

1) Design a two bit counter circuit that starts counting from 1 that is possible states of counter are 01, 10, 11, 01... Use J-K flip flop to design the circuit. You must design them using state transition diagram and Karnaugh's map.

(10 Marks)

2) Write and run the following programs using 8086 assembly language.

(a) Write and run an Assembly language program that finds if the two given strings are palindrome or not. For example, for the two strings "ABCDEF" as "FEDCBA" the program should output: “ The strings are Palindrome”.

(b) Write and run (using appropriate calling program) a subroutine in assembly language that converts a binary number having value between 0000 and 1001 to an equivalent decimal digit. For example, 1001 will be digit 9. Also write the calling program to this subroutine. You must pass the binary value to the subroutine as a parameter, and the subroutine should print the equivalent binary digit. You must use stack for parameter passing.

(c) Write and run an assembly language program that converts two digit input (ASCII) format to a packed BCD number.

(30 Marks

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