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You have decided to purchase a new pickup truck but want to compare various dealer prices. You are ordering a Ford Ranger XLT with the seven options (air conditioning, automatic transmission, stereo, power steering, anti-lock braking system, cruise control, and an extended warranty) listed in Table 1 below. Create a worksheet to compare prices for this vehicle among the three different dealers. Include a 3-D column chart that compares the Grand Total prices of dealers A, B, and C . Print the workbook and the chart.

Cost Comparison Sheet

Make: Ford

Color: Red

Model: Ranger XLT

Pricing Information in Dollars ($) Dealer A Dealer B Dealer C

Air conditioning 699 705 739

Automatic transmission 375 379 397

AM/FM, CD, cassette 619 625 655

Power steering 229 231 243

ABS 797 804 844

Cruise control 184 186 196

Extended Warranty 114 114 119

Base price 14770 14915 15639

Grand totals 

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