Programme Code : BDP
Course Code : ECO-02
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Year : 2012 Views: 1476 Submitted By : priya On 28th September, 2012

Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


The book of Deven Verma could not be tallied. The accountant transferred the difference of Rs.

1,270 in the suspense account on the debit side. The following mistakes were found later on.

Rectify these errors by passing Journal entries and prepare Suspense Account.


The purchase of Rs. 400 from Saran was entered into sales book but Saran’s personal

account was rightly credited.


Sales of Rs. 430 to Ramdas were credited in his account Rs. 340.


Sales of old furniture of Rs. 540 was credited to sales account as Rs. 450.


Goods worth Rs. 100 were taken by the proprietor which was not recorded.


Sales of Rs. 296 to Kishan were entered in sales book as Rs. 269.


Balance of Sales Return Book Rs. 210 was not included in the accounts

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