Programme Code : BDP
Course Code : FHD-02
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Course Code: FST-01

Assignment Code: FST-01/TMA-01/2012-13

Maximum Marks: 100

Answer all questions.

1. a) “Science Knowledge grows on the basis of either human curiosity or human need”.

Explain this statement with the help of two examples. Answer should not be in more

than 250 words. (5)

b) What are the factors that led to the decline of the Bronze-age civilization? (5)

2. a) What is revolutionary about the Copernican Revolution? Describe in around 100

words our current understanding of the physical structure of the universe. (5)

b) Describe two major ways of exploring the universe. List two kinds of information that

each of them has provided about the universe. (5)

3. a) Explain the method of radio-carbon dating to determine the age of plant and animal

fossils. (5)

b) Construct a food web with a minimum of 25 links, man being one of them. (5)

4. a) Discuss briefly the use of remote sensing methods for exploration of any two kinds of

natural resources. (5)

b) Explain the concept of recycling in the conservation of resources. (5)

5. a) Describe the reasons that make livestock necessary to a society. (5)

b) List infectious and no-infectious diseases which have been prevalent for the last one

year in your area. Suggest measures that could have been taken by public and

government to prevent them (you may inquire from doctors). (5)

6. a) Explain the difference between cognitive learning and conditioned learning (stimulus

and response learning) using examples from your own experiences. (5)

b) What are hormones? How are they vital for the proper functioning of the body? (5)

7. a) Discuss in about 200 words, how communication can bring about advancement in any

society. (5)

b) Name any two advanced technologies in the field of communication and discuss one

major contribution of each of them. (5)

8. a) Discuss the merits and demerits of India’s nuclear energy programme. (5)

b) Select any two of the modern technologies you have studied in Units 29 and 30. State

at least 2 potential (or actual) applications of these technologies in your local

surrounding. (5)

9. a) What are the problems a country may encounter when it decides to import the

technology developed in the other nation? (5)

b) “Science and technology can be more directly influenced by the general policies and

social structure of a society”. Elaborate this statement with suitable examples. (5)

10. Write short notes on the following:

i) Lead time

ii) Artificial intelligence

iii) Aging

iv) Neutron stars (2½ ×4)

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