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describe two major ways of exploring the universe?

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By pramod sharma

Observatories in Space-

With the coming of the Space Age, observation&equipped with telescopes and cameras could be placed right in space, beyond the Earth's atmosphere. An observatory in space may be in the form of an orbiting satellite like the Unmanned Orbiting Solar Observatories, Orbiting Astronomical Observatory, Skylab, Einstein Observatory, IRAS (Infra Red-Astronomy Satellite) and many others. An observatory may also be stationed on the Moon or any other planet having suitable temperature and other conditions. Instruments are also put aboard high flying balloons, rockets and aircraft to record observations. These observatories can record radiation from a cosmic object in the regions of the spectrum such as the IR, UV, gamma rays and X-rays that do not penetrate the Earth's atmosphere.

Visiting the Neighboring Worlds-

As space research came of age, it became possible for us to send spacecraft to other planets and even land men and instruments on the Moon. These ventures also provided a rich stock of information about the Solar System. For instance, astronauts of the Apollo mission to the Moon in the nineteen seventies brought back lllnar rocks and soil samples, photographic of the lunar surface' and Left several instruments there for further study. We have been able to send spacecraft, also called probes, across the Solar System to know more about our planetary neighbors. Space probes have visited a number of planets and a host of their moons, and successfully landed and operated on the surfaces of Mars and Venus.