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1)Discuss the salient features of urbanisation in Bronze Age societies. (20 mark)

2)Discuss the process of rise of islam.How did it affect the Arab Society?(20 mark)

3)Give a comparative account of slavary in ancient Greek and Roman societies.(20 mark)

4)Develoopment of stone tools.(10 mark)

5)Maya civilization.(10)

6)Christianity in Late Roman world.(10 mark)


6)What do you understand by feudaalism?What major changes were brought in economy during the second phase of feudalism?(20 mark)

7)Give detailed account of the medieval overseas trade with soecial referance to india.(20 mark)

8)How did the technology changes affect the warfare in medieval period?(20 mark)

9)Markets and fairs as centres of trading activitity.(10 mark)

10)Structure of family in medieval europe.(10 mark)

11)Major scientific advances in medieval europe.(10 mark)1

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Q discuss the salient features of urbanisation in bronze age societies

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