Programme Code : MCA
Course Code : MCS-017
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Year : 2012 Views: 1657 Submitted By : Monika On 20th September, 2012

Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


Question 1: Write an interactive program in C language to manage a Library information system. Maintain a library catalogue with the fields like Access number, Author‟s name. Title of the book, year of publication, publisher‟s name, price. Manage the users with different privileges and permissions like Teacher, Student and

Staff. (20 Marks)

Question 1: (a) Write a program in assembly language to calculate and display the product if first number is greater than second number else calculate and display the subtraction of first

number and second number. (5 Marks)

(b) Develop and execute an assembly language program to find

the Cube of a given number. (5 Marks)

(c) Write a program in assembly language for finding the second

smallest number in an array of 10 elements. (5 Marks)

(d) Write an assembly language program to determine the number

of characters/numbers in a string. (5 Marks)

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