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What are the three important concepts relevant to Logistics Management by an organization? Explain them briefly and state which one you regard as the best approach and why? (20)

2. The efficiency of ports not only helps in increasing the efficiency of the overall transport system of a country, but also reduces the cost of transporting good s from one of the origin to the point of the ultimate decision. Comment and discuss the constraints faced by Indian ports in providing efficient service to users. (20)

3. Write short notes on the following:

a) Joint Venture

b) Inventory Control

c) Export Order

d) International Chamber of Commerce (4x5)

4. Distinguish between the following:

a) Time Charter and Bare Boat Charter

b) Flat Rack Container Vs. Open Top Container

c) Inter-Modalism and Multi-Modalism.

d) Re-order Level (ROL) and Re-order Quantity (ROQ) (4x5)

5. Comment briefly on the following statements:

a) Logistics variables and costs interact in a complex and indirect way.

b) Multi-Modal Transport is considered as an integral part of “Just-In-Time” logistics Management

c) Traders of general merchandise require shipping services of more sophisticated nature.

d) The freight rate had no relationship with the route to be covered. (4x5)


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Q Please let me know the difference between Re-order Level and Re-order quantity

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