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By serina punathil

The role of the ghost in "HAMLET"  

 When we do an analytical study o n Hamlet , we would identify it as a revenge play .Hamlet the protagonist,was the king of Denmark. Since his father wasmurdered, he decided to avengethe death.The hole play is being scheduledfor the effective accomplishment  with the presence of the ghost.

                                                            Being a genius performer,Shakespeare had achieved the magical perfection in scheming the action one after the other.He also dealt "revenge" as the subject matter of the plot in some other works too.Othello,Macbeth,Julius Caesar etc. are famous tragedies , which explain  the depth and vastness of revenge.If we compare all these, Hamlet  may be found to be the most significant in dealing the theme .

                                                      The presence of the ghost ,at first , maid Hamlet  confused. He thuoght it may have been an evil spirit. But later ,he realized that the ghost was not an evil presence, and felt it as his fathers spirit.It was a big trail that Hamlet created to identify the intuion of the ghost

Otherwise , the play will be a mere attempt  to testify the impact  of vengeance on man.

                                                         The presence of the ghost was so decisive to find out the criminal. The drama raises the mind against the concept of sin,murder  etc.The life after death is a major of all religions.The christians do believe that the departed soul will not be sanctified ,if it is not freed from sins. The soul would be wandering here and there.If so, Hamlet had to believe that the ghost is making him avengeful against Cloudius,the culprit.

                                                               The ghost could persuade Hamlet by the contininuos intervention in his personal affairs: It described the experience of the purgotory,which was inevitable tothe cne who died with the sins. the role of the ghost at the other end, was a tangible presence to creat piety and strong belief  in eternal life .    

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