Programme Code : MPS
Course Code : MPS-002
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1. Discuss the features and importance of neo-liberal approach to the study of

International Relations.

2. Explain the core features of the Marxist approach to the study of International


3. Critically examine the post positivist approach to International Relations.

4. Describe the world view of nationalist nationalists and pan-nationalists in the


5. Examine the changing dimensions of security and highlight initiatives on peace and



6. Write a short note on the following in about 250 words each:

(a) Theoretical challenges to analyzing the phenomena of globalization.

(b) Role of foreign aid in development process.

7. Describe the changing nature of American power in the post-cold war international


8. Trace the evolution of non-proliferation policy bringing out the main features of the

non proliferation regime.

9. Briefly explain the post-Soviet state formation in Central Asia.

10. Briefly comment on the following:

(a) North-South divide on environmental issues.

(b) Future of nation-state.

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