Programme Code : MPS
Course Code : MPS-004
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1. Critically examine the structural functional approach for the study of

Comparative Politics.

2. Analyse the Marxist understanding of state in developing societies. How does

it differ from the liberal approach?

3. Describe and assess the impact of the process of globalisation on state

sovereignty and its internal functioning.

4. Describe and assess the liberal humanitarian approach to nationalism.

5. What do you understand by constitutionalism? Describe the evolutionary

mode of constitution making.


6. Describe the methods and strategies adopted by communities to protect

their identities.

7. Describe the basic characteristics of democratic regimes.

8. Analyse the importance of written constitution and its supremacy in federal


9. What do you understand by human development? Analyse the current

thinking on human development.

10. What is meant by human rights? Describe major milestones in the evolution

of the concept.

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