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Course Code : MTM-5
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1) What is Budget? Explain the Classification of Budgets? 25


2) Consider you are appointed as Finance manager of a travel agency functioning with 40 branches in your country alone. Due to economic slowdown the business is running in loss. Explain as Finance Manager what steps you will initiate in your organisation to avoid loss? 25


1) Explain briefly the role and activities of an Accountant. 15

2) Differentiate between export and tourism business on the basis of money outflow / inflow. How tourists can be made to spend more at destinations without increasing the cost of tourism services / products? 15

3) What are the methods of appraisal for evaluating investment proposals? 15

4) Describe the significance of Accounting and Control in the tourism Industry. 15

5) Explain the scope of Financial Management and Finance Functions? 15

6) Explain zero based budgeting along with its advantage? 15

7) Differentiate between long-term creditors and short-term creditors with examples? 15

8) Write a detailed note on ‘Depreciation’? 15

9) Write short notes on Current Assests, Cash and Temporary Investments. 15

10) Write short notes in about 250 words each: 3x5=15

a) Cost of Capital

b) Break Even Point

c) Use of Balance Sheet


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