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Year : 2013 Views: 986 Submitted By : Shikha gaur On 13th April, 2013

Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


             a merchant keeps incomplete records. during 2010 the analysis of his cash book was as under

              receipts from debtors Rs.4,000                                                   bank overdraft (1-1-2010) Rs.600

              additional introduced on                                                                payments to creditors         Rs.2,700

               on 1-9-2010                  Rs.300                                                      general expenses              Rs.    900

               loan from c on 1 -7-2010                                                              salaries                                 Rs.300    

                @6%interest p.a.        Rs.1,500                                                   drawings                              Rs.400   

                                                                                                                           bank balance (31-12-2010) Rs.900

                                                               5,800                                                                                                           5,800

on 1st january,2010 the following balances were recorded:Building Rs.2,500; Stock Rs. 1,800; Debtors Rs.5,300 and creditors Rs.1,500

The balances on 31st december, 2010 were: Debtors Rs.6,000; Buildings Rs. 2,500; Creditors Rs.1,900 and Stock Rs.2,600

Allow 5% depericiation on building. Provide interest on C's loan for six months. Prepare trading, Profit and Loss account and balance sheet on 31-12-2010     

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