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Comment on the dominant variety of prose (narrative, expository or descriptive) present

in each of the following passages. Write a brief critical appreciation of each passage in

about 250 words each:

b) We took a carriage, and directed the driver, a jovial kishman, to take us to a good

hotel. He took us to the best. Porters carried our luggage into the lobby, an I went to

the desk, turned the register around and registered for three. The clerk was busy at the

key-rack. He glanced at us furtively, but kept himself occupied. It grew obvious that

he was protracting his time. Finally, he could delay no longer and came to the desk.

As he came his expression revealed the lie he was to speak. He turned the register

round, examined our names, and while his face flushed a bit said, "I'm sorry, but we

haven't got a vacant room." This statement, which I knew almost absolutely to be

false set a number of emotions in action: humiliation, chagrin, indignation,

resentment, anger: but in the midst of them all I could detect a sense of pity for the

man who had to make it, for he was, to all appearances, an honest, decent person. It

was then about eleven o'clock and I sought the eyes of the clerk and asked if he

expected any rooms to be vacated at noon. He stammered that he did not. I then said

to him that we would check our bags and take the first room available by night.

Pressure from me seemed to stiffen him, and he told us that we could not; that we had

better try some other hotel.

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