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Understanding Poetry

Elective Course in English -VI (EEG-05)

Course code:

more from the rernaining questions'

and comment on their prosodic features:

Max. Marks: 100



a. I put my hat uPon rnY head

And walked into the Strand

And there I met another man

Whose hat was in his hand.

b. N4ay thou month of rosY beautY,

fuIonth when Pleasure is a dutY,

Month of bees and month of flowers,

Month of blossom laden bowers.

c. I am monarch of all I survey,

h,fy right there is none to disPute,

From the Centre all round to the sea

I am lord of the bird and the brute.

d. Touch her not scornfullY

Think of her mournfullY,

Gently and humanlY;

Not of the remains of her

Now is pure womanlY'

Hint: Consult Section 2.3 in (unit 2) of ME'G-01

5 x 4:24

fbllowing four passages and supply brief critieal

i0 x 4:4[}

Explain rvith reference to their contexts, the

ccmments u'here necessary:

a. But you shall shine more bright in these contents,

Than upsrvept stone besmeared with sluttish time'

b. i fear thee, ancient Mariner!

I t-ear thy skinnY hand!

And thou aft long, and lank, and brown

As is the ribbed sea-sand.

(s)c. But now they drift on the stiil water;

Mysterious beautifui;

Among what rushes will theY build

By what lake's edge or Pool

netigtrt men's eyei when I awake some day

T'o find theY have flown awaY?

ci. The Past! The Past! The Past!

The Past - the dark unfathom'd retrospect

The teeming gulf - the sleepers and the shadows!

The past, the infrnite greatness of the past!

Evaluate 'Lycidas' as a pastoral elegy'

Do you agree that Gray's 'Elegy' owesits greatness to the poet's ability to


uiiversal truths in simple and elegant language'

Critically appreciate either'My Last Duchess' or 'Dover Beach''

Do you think that Longfellow',s 'Psalm of Life' reflects the American spirit of

pragmatism? Provide reasons for your answer'

How does A.K. Rarnunujan in ,A River'comment upon India's city-culture?


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