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Note: All questions are compulsory. Marks are indicated against each question.

Section 1: Answer each question in about 500 words.

1. Analyse the chief characteristics of early medieval economy. 20


Give a critical account of the organization and functions of guilds in early medieval India?

2. Trace the development of iqta system under the Delhi Sultans. 20


Critically analyse the factors for the rise of the bhakti movement in north India. Discuss briefly the main popular bhakti movements during the Medieval Period.

Section 2: Answer each question in about 250 words.

3. Write a note on the currency system of the Delhi Sultans. 12


Briefly describe the development of agriculture under the Delhi Sultans.

4. Describe the land revenue system of the Delhi Sultans. 12


What technological improvement accelerated changes in the medieval economy during the 13th -15th centuries?

5. Examine the local administration under the Vijaynagara rulers. 12


Write a note on the conflict between the Afaqis and the Dakhnis during the 14th - 15th centuries.

6. Discuss the development of Hindi literature during the medieval period. 12


Give a brief account of the art of painting during the Sultanate period.

Section 3: Answer in about 100 words each.

7. Write short notes on any two of the following: 6 + 6

i) Rise of the Kayasthas during the early medieval period

ii) Tantricism

iii) Amir Khusrau

iv) Kingdom of Assam


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