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1. Read the following passage and make notes in the appropriate formal. ( 1s)

'fhe peryretual cycle of change which has created the face of the Earth, with all its rugged and

lascinating variety, usually happens too slowly to be noticed. But occasionally it is rapid and

'','iolent. Volcanoes clisgorge molten lava, earthquakes rip open the landscape, landslid", .uriy u.,"uy

whole mountainsides. Then human beings become aware of the awesome forces that are shaping

their planet.

These forces are fuelled by three powerful sources of energy - heat fronr within the Ealth, heat lrom

the Sun, and the force of gravity. Every landform in the world has been shaped by these

energy sources.

'fhe continents that drift across the surface of the globe, setting off volcanoes and carthquakes and

building mountains. are driven by heat from the Earth's interior which has a temperature of about

5000"C (9000'F). Most of this heat is created by the breakdoun of radioactive elements.

Earth is unique amotlg the planets of the Solar System in having liquid water on the surface. Anci

water has a major role in shaping the planet. The warmth of the Sun evaporates u'ater frorn seas

and iakes. The vapour rises and condenses to form clouds and then falls again as rain and snow. It

is then that its landscaping powers begin, weathering rocks and washing arn'ay the loose material. or

glinding down the landscape under the power of a glacier. The Sun's heat also produces the rn'ind

and the waves that scour the land.

The third force - gravity - causes the tides, rvhich nibble away at the edges o1'continents, and

landsiides. which alter the shape of mountains. Under the influence of gravity. rain worlis irs *.ay

downlvards as streams and rivers, carving the terrain. On its journey, it carries fragments oi rock

and sand to be deposited on the ocean floor. And over thousands of years more rock rvhicli mav

then be buckled and lifted up by movement of the Earth's curst to fomr ne.w mountains. {'Scur"r,r*:

R-eader's $igest, Diseovering th* Wonders ol Cur Worlcf" A guide ta hlature's Seenic lvfaivels.]

2. Write a sumnlary of the passage given above and suggest an apprcpriate title

5. You are a member of a committee formed to develop parks in.vour city. Write a report in

250 words of a meeting held to discuss this project. (20)

6. Wdte a report for a newspaper in about 250 words of a music concert held in your city.


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