Programme Code : BED
Course Code : ES-344
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Q1.        Answer the following question in about

600 words.

How do factors like intelligence, aptitude and

personality influence the acquisition of second

language (English)) of a learner.


Discuss, the salient features of the communicative

language teaching approach. How is it different

from the structural method.

Q2.      Answer the following question in about

600 words :

Discuss the features of the following activities for

testing speaking skills. Discuss the advantages

and disadvantages of these test items :

(a) Limited response items;

(b) Information transfer exercises

(c) Information gap activities.


Why should teachers set a number of writing

tasks for purposes of assessment ? Discuss the

different types of tasks and their objectives.

Q3.   Answer any four of the following questions in

about 150 words :

(a) Why does a teacher of English have to be

aware of the learner's expectations ?

(b) Discuss the different ways in which a

teacher can attract and sustain students

attention and interest in learning of English

in the class.

(c) What are the different speaking activities

that can be used in the class ? Outline the

role of the teacher in each activity.

(d) Why is it useful to maintain a record (tape)

of students spoken performance ?

(e) What is the difference between Grammar

Games (GGs) and Grammar Practice

Activities (GPAs)? Illustrate with the help

of an example.

(f) Write at least 5 objectives that a teacher

should expect her student to achieve at the

end of a reading programme.

Q4. Answer the following question in about

600 words.

Discuss the importance of Introduction of Text -

for developing reading skills. Set up a few 'Pre -

reading activities to arouse the interest of the

students before they read the text.


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