Programme Code : BTS
Course Code : FEG - 01
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Year : 2013 Views: 1181 Submitted By : Lokesh kumar On 04th February, 2013

Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


Choose the correct form of the verbs from those which have been underlined.

The conference was very successful. The seminars and talks (1) were / had been extremely interesting and it was obvious that all the speakers (2) had prepared / prepared their material very thoroughly. Everyone agreed that this should become an annual event.

There was however a number of administrative problems. When we (3) arrived / had arrived, we (4) discovered / had discovered that the hotel manager (5) reserved / had reserved the wrong room for us and therefore we (6) did not have / had not had enough space. Unfortunately, he could not let us have the larger room because he (7) gave / had given it to another group, even bigger than ours.

He (8) also misunderstood / had also misunderstood the letter explaining what food we (9) required / had required. In fact, we (10) suspected / had suspected that he had lost the letter. We do not recommend using this hotel again.

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