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Course Code : CFN-1
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Year : 2013 Views: 1064 Submitted By : Mrs. Alka S Sitwala On 25th February, 2013

Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


Its practical how can i write a record plz send me ans. tnx


Record your dietary intake for one day. Present the meal pattern highlighting the meals, menu and the food items/dishes consumed by you in the day in a tabular form. Comment on the nutritional adequacy of your diet. What steps would you adopt to enhance the nutrient intake in your diet?



a) Conduct a survey and find out the different convenience foods available in your nearby market. Classify the foods items into canned, packed and frozen foods. (10)


b) Suggest any two food preparations made from the following products: (10)

i) Jaggery ii) Khoa iii) Eggs iv) Sprouted dal

Guideline: List down the ingredients and the method of preparation.


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