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Course Code : IBO-02
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Attempt all the questions

1. “International market segmentation is the process of dividing the total market into one or more parts each of which tends to be homogeneous in all significant aspects”. On the basis of this statement discuss the basic criteria for segmenting international markets.


2. (a) What is international marketing? How is it different from domestic marketing?

(b) Explain how the political and legal environment can have an impact on the marketing mix of multinational companies? (10+10)

3. (a) Branding decisions involves more than merely deciding whether a product should be branded or not”. Justify this statement.

(b) Why is international marketing research important? Explain the process of

international marketing research. (10+10)

4. Distinguish between:

(a) Standardization and Adaptation

(b) Franchising and Contract Manufacturing

(c) Direct and Indirect Channels of International Marketing System

(d) Probability and Non-Probability Sampling Methods (4x5)

5. Write short notes on:

(a) International Market Positioning

(b) Transfer Pricing

(c) Licensing

(d) GATS (4x5)


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