Programme Code : MEC
Course Code : MEC-105
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1) What do you mean by the term monetary policy framework? Examine the effectiveness of various

monetary policy instruments resorted by the RBI to achieve various objectives of monetary policy.

2) Explain the major issue of concern Indian agriculture is confronted with. Point out the major steps

required to meet these challenges.

Section B

3) State the importance of structural composition of GDP of an economy. Bring out the important

changes in the composition of GDP of India that have taken place over the last six decades.

4) Do you agree with the view that the relation between population and economic development is a twoway

relationship? Give reasons in support of your answer.

5) What do you mean by the term poverty? Examine the policy implications of widespread poverty and

inequality in the Indian economy.

6) Do you agree that trade policy is an important policy instrument to take up issues such as labour and

environment standards? Substantiate your answer.

7) State the characteristics of good governance? To what extent are the characteristics of good

governance adhered to in the implantation of economic policies in India?

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