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Q.1 What were the origins of the use of the creole English in Caribbean poetry explain with

reference to any one early twentieth century poet.


“The Emergency disrupted the social life of Gikonyo and Mumbai.” Discuss.

Q.2 Discuss the position that have been taken to account for White’s paradoxical reception in



Write a note on the use of irony and humour in A House for Mr. Biswas.

Q.3 In what way has modern critical theory facilitated our understanding of literature from

erstwhile colonized regions like the Caribbean?


Discuss the theme of self-alienation in The Stone Angel.

Q.4 How would you critique the term “Commonwealth Literature”?


Carolyn Bliss’s views on how White has used time as the structuring principle.

Q.5 Write short notes (Any two) (14)

(1) The theme of Things Fall Apart.

(2) India in Naipoul’s novel A House for Mr. Biswas.

(3) Dramatic tradition and technique in Soyinka’s play.

(4) Nature and function of literature in society.

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