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Q.1 What are salient features of “Commonwealth Literature”? (14)


Write a detailed note on the central theme of A Dance of the Forests.

Q.2 “Naipaul‟s ambivalence towards India originates from his diasporic status.” Comment with a

comparatist study of a A House for Mr. Biswas and Naipaul‟s three other books on India. (14)


Discuss in detail Ice Candy Man as a novel of Partition.

Q.3 Is the use of myths and symbols convicing in The Solid Mandala? (14)


Write a detailed note on the contribution of Edward Brithwaite in Caribbean poetry.

Q.4 The spiritual journey of Hagar is a journey towards acceptance. Discuss. (14)


Critically evaluate A Grain of Wheat.

Q.5 Write short notes (Any two) (14)

1. Midsummer XXVI.

2. Bird- Imager in the Stone Angel.

3. Walcott‟s Poetry.

4. Compare and contrast the characterization of Waldo and Arthur Brown.

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