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Course Code : MED-001
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Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


1. (a) Write four key goals of sustainable policy. Explain any one in detail.

     (b) Write any four energy options available to developing countries based on energy resource base of the earth. Explain any one in detail. 

     (c) What are three major challenges before energy planner and policy maker of energy of poor country ? Explain any one in detail. 

     (d) What is wind electricity generator ? List any two advantages and limitations of wind energy. 

     (e) Explain how electricity is produced in nuclear based thermal power plant. Draw schematic diagram showing different system component.


2.   (a) What is environmental economics ? Name two methods of indirect data collection. Describe any one in detail.  

      (b) Explain two ways of impressing energy efficiency through dematerialization. 

3.   (a) What is energy planning ? Write any three limitations being faced by developing countries in evolving sustainable energy planning.

       (b) Write six broad aims of macro - level energy planning. Describe benefits of energy planning. 

4.    (a) Name any four applications of solar thermal collectors. Explain any one using schematic diagram showing its different components. 

        (b) What is capacity range of small hydro plant ? List two main advantages and disadvantages of hydro power plant. 

 5.  (a) Describe positive and negative impacts of following renewable energy. 

                  (i) hydro energy

                 (ii) biomass energy

                 (iii) wind energy

       (b) Name any four components of climate change system. Describe any one in detail. 4(

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