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Course Code : med-005
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1. Explain the concept of Integrated Environmental Management. What are its principles and processes ?


What do you understand by "Managing  Common Goods" ? Describe it with reference to social issues and new institutional economics.

2. Describe the major environmental problems of  your city/town and their causes. Suggest measures that can be taken to combat these problems.


. Answer any two of the following :

        (a) What are the principles of Environment Impact Assessment ?

        (b) What are the problems related to Green Revolution vis-a-vis the conventional agricultural practices ?

        (c) What are the characteristics of Environmental Law ? Describe how is it classified ?

       (d) Describe the criteria for choosing various instruments for environmental management.

       (e) Wht is SACEP ? Describe the various initiatives taken by SACEP.

3. What are the various strategies to realise the goals of sustainable agriculture ?


Describe the importance of community  participation and community mobilization in the management of environment.

4. Answer any two of the following  

        (a) Explain how can technology help to check environmental deterioration and resource depletion and promote its generation ?

        (b) What do you understand by the ethical use of natural resources ?

        (c) Describe authopocentrism. What is its significance in the current status of our environment ?

       (d) Describe the various steps to manage the wetlands.

       (e) What are the methods used for industrial waste management ? 

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