Programme Code : PGDIBO
Course Code : IBO - 02
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Course Code : IBO – 02

Course Title : International Marketing Management

IBO – 02/TMA/2013-14


1. Explain five different marketing philosophies under which business enterprises conduct

their marketing activity. (20)

2. What is international market segmentation? What are the various basses on which an

international market is segmented? (20)

3. (a) Explain the factors effecting pricing decisions in international markets.

(b) Discuss the functions and importance of packaging. (10+10)

4. Distinguish between:

(a) Domestic and International Marketing Communications

(b) Advertisement and Publicity (10+10)

5. Write short notes on:

(a) Barrier to International Marketing of Services

(b) International Marketing Research Process

(c) Advantages and Limitations of Secondary data

(d) Report Writing (4x5)

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