Programme Code : PGJMC
Course Code : JMC-01
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Year : 2013 Views: 804 Submitted By : Sashikant Das. On 26th August, 2013

Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


1. Among various models of communication, which according to you, is most suitable in

the present media scenario and why? Give reasons for your answer. (350 words)

2. Prepare a questionnaire consisting of 10-15 questions to study the media habits of rural

youth. (200 words)

3. Listen to educational programmes on radio for a week. What efforts will you make to

improve the effectiveness of these programmes in relation to their content and

presentation? (350 words)

4. Discuss the profile of the newspaper you read tracing its reach, readership, presentation,

layout etc. (400 words)

5. Write a brief note on the status of the regional press in your region. (300 words)

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