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Term-End Examination


June, 2011



Time : 2 hours Maximum Marks : 50

Note : Answer all the questions.

1. Read the passage given below and answer the

questions that follow :

Eight years might have passed since the visit to

Baku that gave Narendra Modi the idea, but his

chess initiative is still a good one. For one, it has a

sound basis. Baku has produced eight

grandmasters through the years, including one of

the game's all - time greats, Garry Kasparov. This

has been possible only because the children in the

city are introduced to chess at an early age. And

more importantly, various studies have shown

that chess does indeed have a link with certain

aspects of a child's general Intelligence level,

quantifiable as IQ.

The skills required to learn and play the

game have a direct link to basic mental abilities;

how to make difficult abstract decisions

FEG-1 1 P.T.O.

independently; faster creative thinking enhance

memory, language and mathematical abilities,

and develop analytical skills to name just a few.

The benefits of ensuring that schools

introduce their students to chess are thus obvious.

The costs involved on the other hand, are

negligible. As far as equipment goes, chess sets

are all that is required, which are inexpensive

compared to the paraphernalia needed to play

any other popular sport such as cricket or hockey.

Training teachers is not difficult either with 1200

already having been trained in Gujarat.

All schools already have physical training

classes. Incorporating chess into them will ensure

that there is no extra load on the children.

Supplementing education and physical sports

with an extra curricular activity of this kind will

go a long way towards fostering well rounded

development. If in the process, the unhealthy

dominance of certain sports that cripples the

growth of all others can be tempered, that is all to

the good.

(a) Read the following statements and say

which statements are true and which are

false : 5x1=5

(i) The idea of introducing chess in

schools has been introduced by the

CM of Bengal.

FEG-1 2

(ii) Garry Kasparov is the great chess


(iii) The game of chess has an indirect link

with the child's intelligence.

(iv) The chess game does not incur much


(v) It is difficult to train teachers in chess.

(b) (i) What reason has been given by the

writer to substantiate that the idea of

introducing chess is good ? 5x2=10

(ii) When are children introduced to chess

in Baku ?

(iii) What mental abilities are developed

through chess ? Mention any two.

(iv) What is one main benefit of

introducing chess in the school

curriculum ?

(v) In which period is chess proposed to

be introduced ?

2. Do as directed : 2x5=10

(a) "I plan to visit Singapore next month." said


(Change into indirect speech)

(b) Subhash cooks good food.

(Change the voice)

(c) He had utilised his time in reading. He

remained depressed and lonely.

(Combine the above sentences into one using

although yet)

FEG-1 3 P.T.O.

(d) He is going Agra a


(use appropriate prepositions)

(e) Genes carry information of all

proteins needed by organisms to


3. Correct the following sentences : 5x1=5

(a) A pair of jean is lying on the bed.

(b) Pooja is eating a burger and she is loving it.

(c) Miki is more intelligent then Manish.

(d) More girls than boys was learn in Delhi in


(e) Many school children is dying due to flu.

4. Write an essay in about 200 words on any one of 10

the following topics :

(a) Exercise or yoga should form part of daily

routine to keep fit.

(b) The hobby my mother pursued.

(c) A friend in need is a friend indeed.

(d) Right to Education bill will accelerate India's


5. Write a dialogue in about 150 words on any one 10

of the following situations :

(a) Your father wants to hire a farm - house for

the wedding of your sister, but you are in

favour of a banquet hall.

(b) Ajay wants to watch a movie in a multiplex

but Manish wants to go to the mall for

window shopping.

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