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1. Briefly describe the relationship between each of the following sets of items:

i) Malnutrition- Infection 

ii) Toxemia - Pregnancy

iii) Balanced diets - RDI

iv) Vitamin D- bones

2. Differentiate between: 

i) Marasmus and Kwashiorkar

ii) Conjunctivitis and Stye

iii) Bronchitis and Pneumonia

iv) Diarrhoea and Dysentery

v) Rickets and Osteomalacia

3. Describe the important functions of the following nutrients and also give the major sources of the following nutrients in our diet:

i) Fibre

ii) Proteins

iii) Vit A 

4. Write in detail about the clinical features of the following nutritional deficiency disorders:

i) Anaemia

ii) Ariboflavinosis

What dietary advice would you give to the mother of a child suffering from these nutritional deficiency disorders?

5. a) What dietary advice would you give to a pregnant and to a lactating woman? 

b) Suggest a suitable dinner for

i) a pregnant woman

ii) a lactating woman 

c) Mention the nutrients provided by each item in the menu. 

6. Suppose a mother of an infant comes to you for advice regarding breast feeding and introduction of supplementary feeding in infancy. What would you suggest to her? Discuss in detail. 

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