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Course Code : DNHE-3
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Year : 2014 Views: 582 Submitted By : ANANT NAYAK On 16th February, 2015

Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


1. a. list 5 messages you would like to conveny to mothers regarding nutrition during lactation period.

   b. Design/ prepare a poster / chart /benner etc releted to message mention above.

2. Develop any one indore educatinal gamethat can used to educate the people about three groups & their sources.

3. look activty 4 in practical manual 3. Read the activty carefully & do the required excersise. Follow the guidlines provided to perform the activity efectivly.

4. prepare an informative & colorful comics strip for children balenced diet (2-3pages only) Read the comic strip in separate session with 5 school going children stying in your locality&

a. Record the reaction of children  ( indicate each child's name age, sex, socioeconomic background & any other factor of importance)

b. Analyz where the message of comic strip was understood by each child by asking 23 questions. list the specific question you asked.

c. suggest modification bassed on

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