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Answer the following questions in about 500 words each


1. Delineate the role of Concept and Theory in sociological analysis. 20

2. Discuss Malinowski’s Scientific Theory of Culture. . 20

3. What are the major tenents of functionalism? According to R.K. Merton

and Talcott Parsons. 20

4. Discuss the contribution of Joseph Schumpeter to the study of

entrepreneurship in society. 20

5. Discuss the concept of Social Structure as a model. 20

Section 2

Answer the following questions in about 500 words each

6. Describe the characteristic features of Civil Society and its significance

in democracy. 20

7. Discuss the debate between Kinsley Davis – Wilbert Moore and Tumin

on the issue of social inequality. 20

8. Discuss the relevance and limitation of gender perspective to study the

social inequality. 20

9. Discuss the functional perspective on social stratification. 20

10. Critically examine the concept of Alienation. 20



Assignment Code: MSO-002/AST/TMA/2013-14


Answer questions from both the sections.

Section- A

Answer any two of the following questions.

1. What is ‘Hermeneutics’? Explain with reference to the contribution of

Jorgen Habermas. 25

2. Discuss the contribution of Alfred Schutz to the understanding of social

reality. 25

3. Explain the nature and scope of quantitative methods of data analysis in

sociological research. 25

4. Discuss the participatory approach to social research. Compare and

contrast it with conventional research methodology. 25

5. What is survey research? Prepare a research design of survey on use

of mobile phone by rural youth. 25

Section- B

Write a research report on any one of the following topics in about 3000 words.

1. Use of internet in sociological research. 50

2. Open and distance learning as a means of empowerment of the socially

excluded and marginalized people in India. 50

3. Impact of mobile phones on social relationships. 50

You can write this report based either on review of literature, or data collected from the

primary sources. For review of literature you are to select either two books or four

research articles published recently on the selected topic of your choice. Write a review

article focusing on the location of the study, methodology followed and the main findings

of these studies.

For the primary source you are to collect two case studies and write a report on the

selected topic in a comparative framework. While writing the report spell out clearly the

objectives and the problems of the study and

テッつキ problematise the issue within the existing/available literature,

テッつキ elaborate your observations, finding and conclusion coherently, and

テッつキ make proper referencing at the end.



Assignment Code: MSO-003/AST/TMA/2013-14

Section –I

Answer at least two questions in about 500 words each from this section.


1. Critically discuss the Marxian perspective on development. 20

2. Explain the significance of khadi and village industries from Gandhian

perspective. 20

3. Discuss the critical concerns in politics of population control. 20

4. Is development gender neutral? Critically examine. 20

5. Discuss the major ecological concerns in development projects. 20

Section 2

Answer at least two questions in about 500 words each from this section.

6 Explain the major objectives of the People’s Science Movement.

Discuss the basic challenges that confront it. 20

7. Discuss the social consequences of construction of large dams. 20

8. What do you understand by ‘Knowledge Society’? Discuss the

nature and extent of digital divide in knowledge society. 20

9. Discuss the impact of globalization on labour welfare.

10. Write short notes on each of the following in about 250 words: 10+10

a) Indigenous knowledge and biopiracy

b) The Gyandoot Project in India




Assignment Code: MSO-004/AST/TMA/2013-14

Answer any five questions selecting at least two from each of the sections. Your

answers should be in about 500 words each.



1. Examine various perspectives on family in India. 20

2. Discuss the process of the rise of Middle Class in India. 20

3. Identify the features of Indian village. 20

4. Discuss the colonial perspectives on the Caste. 20

5. Discuss the kinship system of South India. 20


6. What is Secularism? Distinguish between Secularism and Secularization. 20

7. Explain how urbanizaiton affectes position of women in society. 20

8. Describe the socio-historical background of industrialization in India. 20

9. What do you understand by tribe-caste continuum? 20

10. How are social movements related to social conflict? Discuss 20

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