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Course Code : MTM-3
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1. What do you understand by Personnel Management? Discuss the objectives of Personnel Management. 25


2. What is career planning? What are the advantages of career planning? 25


1. What do you understand by induction? Describe the induction programme in an organisation. 15

2. Why is training needed in an organization? Discuss on-the-job training methods. 15

3. What do you understand by Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory? 15

4. What is motivation? Discuss the different types of motivation. 15

5. What is performance appraisal? What makes a performance appraisal effective? 15

6. What do you understand by Counseling? What are the different types of Counseling? 15

7. Define the types of Grievances. Briefly outline the steps in grievance handling. 15

8. Write a detailed note on position of woman in tourism. 15

9. Write short note on the following: 5X3 = 15

a) Code of Conduct

b) Social Security

c) Retrenchment

10. What is discipline? What are the various forms of implementing discipline in an organisation? 15

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