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Course Code : MTM-4
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1) What is the role of Information Technology in the growth and development of Tourism Industry? Substantiate your answer with the help of suitable examples.       25



2) Elaborate the role of computer aided decision making process in the management of an organisation. What are its advantages and limitations?                                                 25


1) Define Data. Discuss the nature, properties and scope of Data.    15

2) What do you understand by System Life Cycle? 15

3) Discuss with examples the importance of information in Tourism Business. 15

4) Write short notes on any three: 5x3 = 15

i) Knowledge

ii) Local Area Network

iii) Perverse Software

iv) Critical Success Factor

5) What is meant by Network Topology? Explain the various Network Topologies available to organisations.     15

6) Write a detailed note on the computer application soft wares that are being used commonly. 15

7) What do you understand by Management Information System? Explain the framework for understanding MIS. 15

8) What is Hacking? What are the precautions that can be adopted against Hackers? 15

9) What is meant by Information Economics? 15                                                                                                                  

10) Write short notes on any three: 5x3 = 15

i) Social Dimension of Computerisation

ii) Computer Application Software

iii) Sources of generating information

iv) System Analyst

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