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Q1. (a) Describe in detail the Laws of Mechanics?

(b) What are the ‘law of cosines’ and the ‘law of sines’? What is

meant by the associative law of addition?

Q2. (a) If the coefficient of rolling resistance of a cylinder on a flat

surface is 0.5inch, at what inclination of the surface will the cylinder

of radius r=1ft roll from uniform velocity?

(b) What is meant by the associative law of addicting?

Q3. (a) What is an inertial reference?

(b) Describe the relation between Second Moments and Products

of Area?

Q4. (a) Define ‘Inertia Quantities’? What is the relation between Mass-

Inertia terms and Area-Inertia Terms?

(b) An archer in a jeep is chasing a deer. The jeep moves at 30mi/hr and

the deer moves at 15mi/hr along the same direction. At what

inclination must the arrow be shot if the deer is 100yrad ahead of

the jeep and if the initial speed of the arrow is 200feet/second

relative to archer?

Q5. (a) Explain ‘Newton’s law for Rectangular Coordinates’ and ‘Newton’s

law for Cylindrical Coordinates’?

(b) What are basic laws of continua? Describe in detail?


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