Programme Code : MSO
Course Code : MSO-001
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Year : 2015 Views: 940 Submitted By : Mudasir Rashid Sofi On 01st April, 2015

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1. Explain the relationship between theory and paradigm.

2. Critically examine the theory of neo-functionalism.

3. Discuss the concept of social reality in the context of symbolic universe.

4. What is power? Discuss the instruments of power.

5. Explain the concept of liberty in the writings of Isaiah Berlin.

6. What is sovereignty? Discuss the difference between internal and external sovereignty.

7. What is modernity? Discuss Giddens’ concept of modernity. 

8. Examine the relationship between identity and identification.

9. Discuss Foucault’s approach towards understanding of society.

10. What are the basic assumptions of the concept of class? Discuss Karl Marx’s perspective on class.

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